Military and Veterans Program

Specialty Programs
Trauma Recovery

This program is designed as a highly-structured inpatient program utilizing a combination of experiential, psychodynamic, cognitive, and evidence based therapies.

Military Trauma

The emergence of serious symptoms and behaviors may be a result of a variety of causes, including combat, trauma and sexual assault.

Eating Disorders Recovery

This program is based on a recovery model that addresses the psychological, physiological and socio-cultural aspects of eating disorders

The mission of the Del Amo Hospital Military and Veterans Program is to provide active duty personnel, reservists, national guardsmen, veterans of all eras and their military family members with compassionate care to manage mental health issues related to the cycle of deployment and the military lifestyle.

The goal is to provide effective and compassionate care following a combat or nation-building deployment, military- related trauma or military lifestyle issue and return to duty. The second goal is to improve military work performance and enhance relationships with chain of command which strengthens unit morale. The third goal is to provide compassionate mental health care to military family members that enhance the overall goal of sustaining service member, family and unit readiness.

Del Amo Hospital is an approved TRICARE Provider for inpatient and partial hospitalization behavioral health treatment programs for military service members and their families. We currently serve several military treatment facilities in the tri-west region representing all branches of the military.

Specialized Military Specific Program Services

Del Amo Hospital, through their National Treatment Center’s Trauma Recovery Program is a provider of inpatient and partial hospitalization programs designed to meet the unique needs of active duty personnel, veterans and military family members. There are three military specialties programs for the mental health delivery system: Eating Disorders, Combat Operational Stress and Military Sexual Trauma which is treated within the Trauma Recovery Program.

The therapeutic treatment modalities utilize evidence-based practices utilizing cognitive behavioral therapies which guide the Service member and family towards increased self-awareness and trauma resolution which includes Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure.

Additional therapeutic treatments include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Anger Management, Resiliency Skills Training and Therapeutic Recreation. Del Amo Hospital Military and Veterans Program has a specialized Military Liaison who collaborates with nurse case managers, referring therapists and the chain of command to develop a seamless transition of care with reintegration services back to the military treatment facility.

Military Trauma

The men and women of the military have a unique set of life experiences that affect all aspects of their lives, whether serving our country or abroad. The emergence of serious symptoms and behaviors may be a result of a variety of causes, including combat, trauma and sexual assault.

The Trauma Resolution Program is designed to address:

  • Military Sexual Trauma
  • Eating Disorders
  • Combat Trauma
  • Co- Occurring Addictions
  • Trauma Related Guilt
  • Post- Traumatic Stress

Individual and group therapies, educational modules, CBT, DBT skills training, expressive therapies, anger management and psycho- dynamic modalities are combined for a comprehensive treatment approach.

Coping with reintegration is a key component in the program and as such, our clinicians work closely with the individual, their family and their military support system. The team collaboration is essential to helping make a smooth transition back to the military unit or civilian post. For those no longer in active duty, treatment can facilitate life beyond service.

Treatment works to:

  • Identify and address the trauma
  • Develop skills that will stabilize the trauma
  • Minimize high risk behaviors
  • Facilitate healing and prevent relapse