Drug Addiction

At Del Amo, we know that addiction is an illness and we treat it as such. We also understand that it often goes hand in hand with mental health issues, and treating these issues together results in a better chance at lasting recovery.

Our multidisciplinary approach treats individuals with both chemical addictions and mental health issues. Our combination of therapeutic and recovery interventions helps the patient work through their mental health issues and teaches them coping skills without the use of alcohol or other substances.

In some cases, medically managed detox may be necessary as part of our crisis stabilization treatment. For many who are chemically dependent, they can’t truly focus on the treatment process until they have been stabilized. At that point, they are ready to begin their restorative path toward recovery.

Recovery is a lifelong journey, which is why we work with a variety of outpatient providers to connect patients with key aftercare services that help with vital post-treatment steps.

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